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Awesome Shape Games for Kids

Shape games are designed for children to teach them about different shapes in an innovative way. Knowledge of shapes forms an early exercise of geometry and here are some interesting games that will introduce kids to different geometrical shapes. Each game contains exercises that are oriented to develop the shape recognition skills in kids. Kids will thoroughly enjoy solving the game problems as they learn different types of shapes like triangle, circle, square, pentagon etc. The format of these games is simple, easy to follow, and absolutely engaging. Each game is grade specific and is suitably designed to fulfill the needs of kids of that grade.

Learning through Visualization

Shapes, figures and diagrams can be best understood only through visualization. Kids also learn better and retain for longer when they learn through visualization. These games are the best way to teach kids about geometrical shapes. Identifying different shapes are the first thing your child learns in geometry and its complete knowledge is necessary in order to have a good command over the concepts of geometry. Through these games your child will learn to name and recognize different shapes.

Matching Shapes

Knowledge of shapes involves various aspects - naming, identifying and matching similar shapes. Once kids learn to name different shapes their next task is to identify and match similar looking shapes. Only when they are competent in all these three aspects can they be said to have a good knowledge of shapes. These games require kids to match similar shapes thus helping them reinforce their shape recognition skills. These games will also develop their hand-eye coordination skills and will enhance their concentration. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.